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Dr Browne’s Lavender Scented Hand Sanitiser (Multi-Packs)

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Unlike most hand sanitisers Dr Browne’s has been tested against viruses and used widely by the NHS to provide premium protection. Available in Lemongrass or lavender essence, leaving a luscious smell, while fighting to keep you safe. The 50ml bottle size is the perfect size to keep you protected at all times. It can also be taken on flights in your hand luggage. Dr Browne’s is perfect to protect you, your family, friends and colleagues.


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  • KILLS 99.99% OF GERMS – extra potent at 80% alcohol which makes it highly effective at killing and eliminating all the most common germs and bacteria
  • LASTS LONGER: The extra concentrated formula you will be using less hand disinfectant gel per squeeze meaning it will last you a lot longer.
  • MADE IN THE UK WITH A RECYCLABLE BOTTLE: – Dr. Browne’s gel hand sanitizer is proudly made by in Britain, it is made from an eco-friendly 100% recyclable bottle too
  • SAFE FOR KIDS AND THE WHOLE FAMILY: This alcohol hand sanitizer is ideal for both children and adults at home, at school, the office, or anywhere you want to kill germs!

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50ml x 5, 475ml x 2, 50ml x 110, 475ml x 11

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10 reviews for Dr Browne’s Lavender Scented Hand Sanitiser (Multi-Packs)

  1. Mel – Amazon

    Love the lavender smell

  2. Marie K

    This is absolutely lovely. 80% alcohol so a cool tingle when you first apply, rubs and soaks in quickly and then you get a lovely heady scent of lavender. I’m going to order more

  3. Angela Schofield

    Value for money. Love the smell and does not leave hand feeling sticky

  4. Janet Carroll

    Like the smell. Disappointed in the consistency, thought it was going to be a thick gel but it’s not

  5. C. O’Brien – Amazon

    Hand sanitiser has lately changed from a convenience to keep in your handbag or car glove compartment to an absolute necessity, used frequently. As such, we’ve all been needing much bigger bottles of the stuff and although lots of distilleries and breweries have been marketing alcohol-rich sanitiser sprays as a side product, the thicker gel-type product has been more difficult to obtain. This sanitiser is thick, clear and smells of lavender – the scent doesn’t completely overwhelm the smell of the alcohol, but it goes a long way and leaves a pleasant scent behind on the skin. It’s quite potent (with an 80% alcohol content) so will do the job it’s designed for, and the gel consistency means you use less and waste less than you do with thinner offerings which you have to spray. So far, I’ve also found this less drying on the skin. It comes in a recyclable plastic bottle, too.

  6. DitsyByDesign – Amazon

    Lavender Hand Rub

    I use a lot of hand sanitizer at the moment but I’ve always carried a small bottle in my bag for the last few years as I have quite a poor immune system and travel by public transport.

    This bottle is currently selling at 8.99 and is a huge 500mls. My mum (retired nurse) insists that I should use the strongest rubs I can find and this one is definitely that!

    You can smell the lavender and the scent lingers on your hand. A small amount goes a really long way but you can still tell it’s alcohol rub. It smelled a bit like lavender gin! This doesn’t dry out my hands too much and actually left them feeling quite soft.

    If you’re careful you can decant this into smaller travel-sized bottles – makes it a good way of keeping costs down and saving plastic!

  7. MarkR – Amazon

    We have tried numerous brands of hand sanitiser over the past 6 months or so. Some are sticky, some don’t last long, some are very runny and many have a much lower alcohol content. I have to say this is perfect. It is a good quality which will last a long time particularly as it doesn’t need a huge amount each time to cover hands thoroughly.

    When first applied there is quite a noticeable antiseptic smell which fades quickly, leaving the hands feeling clean and refreshed, with a gently pleasant lavender scent

    Very, very pleased with this product, which seems really good value given the 80% alcohol content and the level of protection that gives. We will be very happy to buy more when we need more hand sanitiser.

  8. Hollie Salinsbury

    I am happy to review this hand gel because it is really good value for money. With a family of 5 we have been getting through quite a lot of hand gel throughout this pandemic and it is quite expensive.
    This hand gel is good value for money considering how much is included in the bottle and it goes a long way. It is not watery and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.
    I’m not overly in love with lavender smell but it is not over powering in this product. This is good hand gel and there is not reason that I wouldn’t recommend this to others.

  9. Polly – Amazon

    Unfortunately I received the sanitiser with smudges around the screw cap pump but I was able to clean it up. It came in a clear 500 ml pump bottle. Smells lavender which is lovely. It does smell a bit strong immediately after pumping the gel out of the bottle but it fades quickly. The consistency is thicker than the sanitiser I am using before but it is easy to apply. It doesn’t leave my hands sticky. I thought it will leave my hands dry because of the 80% alcohol content but it didn’t. I normally use 70% so obviously this one is more concentrated and is more effective in killing germs. I keep it in the corridor close to our front door so if I’m not able to wash my hands immediately Coming from outside I will sanitise first.

  10. HY – Amazon

    This is a strong hand sanitizer with high content of alcohol, 80% with is higher than most of the hand sanitizer in the market (usually 65 to 70% alcohol). Good consistency not too thick so easy to spread over hands. The hands feel cool once applied, the alcohol evaporate quickly, leaving a nice scent of lavender. It doesn’t make the hands sticky which is good. Pump works well and half a pump is pretty much enough for rubbing over both hands. Price is good around £1.60 per 100ml. Keeping one at home for the whole family. Highly recommend.

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